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 The ADDAM Product

The ADDAM Product is made up of a collection of components and features which can be combined to provide sophisticated print stream re-engineering. Review the documentation available below to see how ADDAM can work for you.  

The ADDAM Product
General Product Brochure

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 ADDAM Barcode

ADDAM Barcode is used to convert a PDF form into a "Barcode Enabled" PDF form that automatically builds a bar code representing the information that is entered into each of the PDF form fields.

 ADDAM Pro Suite

ADDAM Extract bundles documents together from many sources including most databases and file systems.

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ADDAM Integrator is used to read an input AFP file, process and modify the documents according to user defined criteria, and write the modified documents to output AFP files.

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ADDAM PDD (Portable Document Distributor) provides the capability to generate CD-ROMs that contain fully indexed documents, a built in viewer, and of course fully secured and encrypted.

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ADDAM Archive is responsible for maintaining the archive of AFP documents that are stored using a combination of a relational database and the file system.

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ADDAM DirectParse is used to convert an input AFP file into individual PDF documents. Optionally, an index file can be generated during the conversion process.

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ADDAM Xref creates external references to the documents found in a continuous AFP data stream.

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ADDAM Web provides a web browser based facility for enquiry and display of AFP documents that are stored in the archive.

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ADDAM XTC is focused on improving reprint of data queued to Infoprint Manager servers.

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