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 The ITP Document Platform  Product Documentation
The ITP Document Platform is specifically designed to provide sophisticated document production services. It offers one solution to create batch, transaction, interactive documents and electronic forms. ITP enables fully automated high volume document production whilst the interactive interview process facility enables electronic forms as well as document creation through a combination of user input and automatically populated fields.
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 The Hg197 and Aia Software Partnership
Aia Software, a leading author and developer of intelligent document composition software, today announced that it signed a partnership with Hg197. This North American company is dedicated to developing and supporting innovative software for data management. The ITP Document Platform will be added to Hg197’s document and print software and services portfolio. Through this partnership Aia Software enlarges it’s footprint in the American and Canadian market. This is in line with Aia’s strategy to strongly increase their market share in the United States and Canada.
By adding the ITP Document Platform to its product portfolio, Hg197 can now offer clients an end-to-end solution for document composition reengineering and lifecycle management. Gregory Szabo, president of Hg197, states: “We are currently focusing on business process design that controls the flow of information from the desktops of customer facing business users to their clients. The ITP software proves new levels of control, audit, ease of use, improved flow, and a complete range of delivery channels. It offers business users the opportunity to create and fine tune correspondence. This easy-to-implement, flexible and ‘business-agile’ solution offers a genuine competitive advantage to any organization producing documents and correspondence. We are excited and pleased to help our customers realize the benefits of this new approach.  We will use our experienced consultative and marketing teams to ensure success in the North American market.”
Jeroen Huinink, Business Partner Manager at Aia Software: “In our drive to further expand our network in the US and Canada, we are actively looking for resellers and OEM partners in these markets. Therefore we are delighted with the partnership with Hg197. Hg197 has years of experience in mainframe and printing solutions and has a strong customer base. Their presence helps us to enlarge our footprint in the North American market. Since Forrester acclaimed us to be a Strong Performer for Interactive Output in the Forrester Wave we have experienced a great interest in the ITP Document Platform in the US and Canada. We are very pleased that we have added a strong and experienced partner to offer consultancy, service and support to our prospects and clients.”

About Aia Software

Aia Software is a leading global supplier of documentation solutions. Their ITP Documentation Platform helps staff create relevant and personalized business-critical documentation. Over 1,000 organizations use ITP as their integrated total solution for large-scale automated generation of standard documents, individualized snippet-based correspondence, and dynamic form-based data entry. ITP interfaces seamlessly with existing business applications. Aia Software is a fully independent company with head offices in the Netherlands and branch offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

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